Scarf(e) Diem

There are many things I love about the warm season (amongst which picnics, Pimm’s, softball league, longer days, happier people, parks, blue sky, icecream, barbeques…) but, when it comes to fashion, what I really love is that it allows you to be versatile with your outfits in an inexpensive way.

Rather than buying new clothes each season to follow the trend wagon, best to buy a few cheap(ish) scarves and use them in various ways to update your style. They usually go great with plain vests and statement shades. And, if you feel a bit bolder than most, wear them on your head to emulate the 50′s or the 70′s power looks.

And because I am firm believer that the ‘Copacabana’ prints aren’t here to stay for longer than a season, I strongly recommend buying a tropical printed scarf instead of the hawaian shirt women’s magazines are raving about if you want to be part of the latest fashion craze. I personally really like the oversized scarfs from Primark – I have quite a collection at home and consider them wardrobe staples.



Source: French Connection

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