Wallpaper magic

They say paint and wallpaper provide the easiest way to refreshing a room. Used wisely and depending on the pattern, sparsely, wallpaper can brighten up the old living room and bring personality to even the dullest spaces.

In a recent research I came across a very nice selection of wallpapers at Laura Ashley. The website gives you the chance to play a bit with colours before going in for the final decision. Personally I like dark red on wallpapers as much as I love neutral tones. There’s a certain fauvism to a bold colour, it brings out the personality of the owner. Ideally the prints should be subtle and so should be the accompanying colours:

The Laura Ashley selection would go nicely with a classic interior, however if you prefer a more modern approach, unexpected patterns, retro, pop-art and even personalised wallpapers can be an interesting alternative:

Whether appropriate for use in the entire room or on a singular wall, it is a matter of personal choice. I would advise against applying on all the walls though unless the furniture is minimal and the rest of the colours become the choice of the wallpaper colour. Perhaps one you out there can be even more daring and do a collage of different wallpaper patterns on a singular wall. Do keep in mind though that everything else should be rather simple or else the ambiance of the room might become disrupted. But whatever you do, do not be afraid of the colour!

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