Loredana, marketing professional, London

‘I met up with one my friends the other day – a proper Londoner, but who is afraid to mix flowers with stripes in an outfit –  and she admired my new look. This is all thanks to Iulia, who has helped me find my style after I had a wardrobe revamp. She reviewed my existing wardrobe, showing me what it was suitable or not suitable and explained why. She made me feel very comfortable and the whole experience was a real treat.
She indentified where the gaps were in my wardrobe and helped me get myself organized and to unclutter my wardrobe. She is a highly skilled professional who will put you in your place if you start crying after a pair of trousers which you haven’t worn for few good years and don’t flatter you. She helped me declutter my wardrobe, which feels good and liberating and I don’t have to worry over not knowing what to wear everyday anymore.
I would recommend her to anyone in doubt of what colours and items best suit you and how to combine your clothes for best WOW comments!’ 


Bozena, Accountant, London

‘I have been lucky to encounter Iulia through friends just when I realised the importance of external appearance in almost every aspect of everyday life, be it personal, work, social etc. I have always been impressed with the way Iulia herself was dressed up – so adequately to the occasion and with a great style. When I found out that Iulia fulfils her passion by offering styling advice I didn’t think twice but booked myself in. And what a great experience it was! I also invited couple of girlfriends to make it a perfect girly day. Iulia held a wardrobe assessment, preceded by very detail interview regarding my likes, dislikes, personality, life style, hobbies and more. She also asked what my expectations are from the whole experience. Then we went through my wardrobe (literally through all the clothes, shoes & accessories) during which Iulia was compiling completely new sets out of my old pieces, advising what occasions I should wear particular sets for and how to transform day time work set into something suitable for evening time meeting with friends or work do! She also advised how I can combat my eternal feeling of cold, still looking great and fashionable. She helped me get rid of many unwanted clothes which I have not worn for years but never got enough courage to get rid of them. I really needed fresh opinion of someone like Iulia to finally part with them & at the same time do something for charity! I can’t express how refreshing the whole experience was and how happy and relieved I felt having this extra space on my shelves, knowing how can I arrange my old clothes to give myself completely new look & feeling excited about dressing up again! I could not wait for the report which Iulia prepares with proposition of essential pieces, which would complement and give freshness to the current wardrobe and of course….go shopping! After doing the wardrobe assessment on Saturday, I went to work on Monday dressed up differently and it didn’t of course go unnoticed…my work colleagues spotted the difference – not only in the way I dressed and looked but also in my behaviour. I can’t express how refreshing & exciting the whole experience was. Highly recommended!’