Bitch-online Photoshoot

A couple of months ago, I styled a photoshoot for Bitch-online  magazine ‘s Boho Issue.

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘an artist. literary man or actor, who leads a free, vagabond or irregular life, not being particular as to the society he frequents and despising conventionalities generally’, a bohemian is someone who doesn’t mind standing out. In fact, many of the strong women of today are not afraid to show their bohemian side and the magazine’s Boho issue was exploring the boho side of the multifaceted women of today.

So here are the pictures that came out from the shoot. My thinking behind the styling was that the images should be arresting, make you stop and think that, in a way, today, it’s all about too many choices. I saw this shoot as a metaphor for the modern boho woman who is seeking (and can’t help but accept)  influences from so many sources and she is all of them at once,  standing out through her exaggerated eclecticism. She is the expression of a long history of bohemian lifestyle. So I went heavy on accessories and contrasts.



Blindness Photoshoot

Blindness are a kick ass band!

“Vibrant rich silky alternative darkwave pop with an electronic edge and a healthy touch of Curve/Nine Inch Nails/Jesus & Mary Chain to gently propel it all along. Girl-voiced lushness, exquisite warmth…” – Organ Art.

This is a photo shoot I styled in the summer of 2011 as they needed some photos for promotional purposes and for the cover of their first album, which they were about to record. This was all done with no budget and both myself and the photographer (Nando Machado) volunteered for the shoot.

For this reason we used the band members own clothes and make-up. I did most of the make-up and the styling to match both each individual’s personality and their velvet dark sounds. Because they all have a signature look, I decided it was important that we send that across through the photographs. They were easy to style as their personalities transpire straight through and their clothes are just an extension of their musical genius and passion.

To check out their songs, click here.