I have a life long hate relationship with jumpers. Growing up in the ’80s messed up my feelings for the innocent jumper. I remember they used to be fit and short and terribly unflattering for someone of  my frame. At some point I ended up avoiding to wear them or simply buying new ones every year, making the same purchasing mistakes, only to give them up at the end of every season. Until recently, when I discovered that despite their rather intrinsic unsexy nature,  jumpers can be feminine and stylish, as long as they are the right size and matched with something contrastingly feminine.

I used to hate winter too. I used to believe that hiding under so many layers of clothes, surely can’t be flattering. But now I actually like the fact that, like in every  other season, you can experiement and play with the textures, colours and layers in a fun and warm way. Now winter has got the cool factor!

I especially like the contrasting combination of chunky jumpers with flirty, feminine or colourful skirts. Here are a few inspiring looks to help you pull the jumper look.

Michael Kors Fall Winter 2012 (Source: The Sartorialist)

Source: The Sartorialist

Source: The Sartorialist

Source: The Sartorialist

Eleonora Carisi

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