A 60′s winter

What I really like about living in the 2010′s is that when in comes to fashion influences the rules no longer apply. I feel that trends and mini-trends change and overlap quicker than ever. These days anything goes: 20′s, 60′s, 90′s, you name it. There is a bit of everything everywhere. I wonder if it’s because we’re starting to get bored and swap influences way too often…

The 70′s may have stolen the limelight this autumn, but this winter it’s all about the understated 60′s with their geometric shapes, bold colours, clean lines, sleek hair and doll eyes make-up.

The 60′s kicked off modern fashion. They brought us the mini skirt,  the shift dress, the bell bottoms, the shorts, the go-go boots, the oversized sunglasses, the pixie, Twiggy and  a blooming Brigitte Bardot. Here are a few of my favourite 60′s looks:

Print clash and clean lines

 Source: reneerodriguez.typepad.com

Strong yellow and flattering A line dress

 Source: reneerodriguez.typepad.com

Baby blue, geometric shapes and the omnipresent wide rimmed hat

 Source: reneerodriguez.typepad.com

A fresh faced Brigitte Bardot - the quintessential 60's siren

Source last.fm

Black and white geometric clash

Source: decadesfeastivalcork.ie

The mini and the high boots are a 60's staple sported by the celebrities

Source: arees.glogster.com

The gamine look sported by the iconic Twiggy

Source: www.emilees87.blogspot.com

Back to the present though. You can find these 60′s influenced items in the shops for a Christmas update.

Cos Wool Dress available online on www.cosstores.com

Cos Merino Stripe dress available online on www.cosstores.com

Boiled Wool dress available on www.cosstores.com

Just match any of these minimal dresses with a pair of funky tights (think spots, stripes, pshychedelic prints), high leather boots and a dramatic make-up and you’re ready to rock the 60′s look!

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