Look like a princess, feel like a star


Most of today’s wedding dresses can be quite a bore. Whether it be a strapless mermaid dress or a simple A-Line number (again, strapless), many bridal gowns are predictable and monotonous. Even lack a breath-taking quality. Perhaps this is due to an overkill in replicating modern celebrity bridal trends, or brides just following along with what’s in fashion. For the sophisticated, yet bold bride, however, there are a ridiculous amount of vintage-inspired dresses that conjure up the days of old-school celebrity and royal weddings gowns are becoming popular, as chic brides are looking for exclusive, unorthodox dresses.

Today’s fashion-focused women desire gowns fit for Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, and Vivian Leigh. These brides desire stylish, uncommon twists on popular throw backs from the 40′s up to the 70′s. As any modish girl knows, “what comes around, goes around” is a mantra within the fashion industry, so gowns that are vintage-influenced or true antiques are what hip brides crave.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton isn’t the first royal bride to capture the media spotlight as she graced Westminster Abbey. Although her stunning gown, designed by Alexander McQueen fashion house’s creative director Sarah Burton, was classy and magnificent, several royal brides before her were adorned in enchanting dresses. Princess Diana’s over-the-top,  flowing gown was a hit with women around the world during the 80′s.



But many fashionable brides-to-be seek styles from an even older royal generation. Similar to other fashion and beauty trends, celebrities from decades ago are being invoked when it comes to bridal attire. American actress turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, will forever be a fashion icon; however, her elegant, refined gown has become an inspiring template for delicate, tasteful wedding dress designs. In 1978, Grace Kelly’s daughter also became a fashion icon in the bridal world when she embraced the spirit of the era and wore a charming, lacy dress during her first wedding. Much like Ms. Kelly, America’s first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onasis made a lasting impression when she walked down the aisle in 1953 wearing an Anne Lowe ball gown fit for a princess.



No other time period was as glam and alluring as old school Hollywood. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood were chic trendsetters, so, naturally, these famous ladies’ wedding gowns; whether they be dresses worn during their actual marriage ceremonies or just on the silver screen; are popular with vintage loving brides. Simple, yet lovely tea length dresses are ideal for the casual, dainty bride. These 50′s style dresses also make superb bridesmaids’ attire and are available at retailers like Marks and Spencer. Brides-to-be who need something a bit more formal can look to the runways of Paris, London, and New York for awe-inducing, traditional gowns. No matter what vintage style you go with on your big day, you’re sure to look like a bride befitting royalty or a classic Hollywood star.


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The essential holiday wardrobe

I know we’re in the middle of the winter and we should probably be talking about scarfs and mittens, but this time of the year is also popular for sunny getaways. So perhaps talking about an essential holiday wardrobe is not too far fetched.

I’ve just come back from a 3 weeks holiday in Vietnam and travelled a bit up and down the country with a heavy backpack mainly full of toiletries and a fair amount of clothes. I am a practical person and I hate carrying around unnecessary things but I also think one can never be too chic even when travelling in hot exotic countries, so I packed for evey eventuality. However, experiencing a few such trips in my life, I realised that you only really need a few essential items regardless of how long you’re going away for, items which I will detail below. If you think you will need more than this, don’t forget that most countries these days offer laundry services so refreshing your travellinng wardrobe should not be a problem. Travelling light is practical and eco-friendly. Plus, it leaves that little bit of extra room in your luaggage for those amazing finds you’ll want to bring back home.

The oversized white shirt

Important because it will keep you cool when it’s hot, it will keep you warm if it’s chilly, it will protect you from mosquitoes and it will look good on you no matter what (especially against that sun kissed skin).



The denim shorts

I’d say go for boyfriend style of oversized, you won’t want to offend any local eyes by showing too much of your womanly bottom. Unless you’re in Brazil, which is fine!





The long skirt

Important for the same reasons as the oversized white shirt, for visiting temples and holy places and for making you look sexy and mysterious.






The oversized T-shirts

Make sure you pack a couple of plain grey or black ones and a few printed ones. Not more than 5 or 6. They go with the denim shorts and the long skirts.



The Havaianas

We all know why!



The flat sandals

They must be a) comfortable (think city visits), b) stylish (think dinners and nights out)




The earrings

Earrings are the essential holiday accessories. They don’t feel sweaty against your skin like necklaces and bangles, and they will flatter you whether your hair is up or down.




The hats

Festival style straw hats or fabric ones which you can fold and carry around. Any other kind will take up too much space and attention.




 The scarfs

As essential as your underwear. They will protect you against sun, wind, rain, too much attention. Perfect for covering shoulders during temple visits and for looking stylish and put together!



And other than suncream and mineral powder don’t think you’ll need anything else. Harem pants and jumpsuits are ok too, but only as extras. You’ll be able to mix and match at large with the items above, still looking like the girls from Sex and The City. Ok, maybe not quite like them! But close enough!…


All images via Pinterest.



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Bitch-online Boho Photoshoot

A couple of months ago, I styled a photoshoot for Bitch-online  magazine ‘s Boho Issue.

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘an artist. literary man or actor, who leads a free, vagabond or irregular life, not being particular as to the society he frequents and despising conventionalities generally’, a bohemian is someone who doesn’t mind standing out. In fact, many of the strong women of today are not afraid to show their bohemian side and the magazine’s Boho issue was exploring the boho side of the multifaceted women of today.

So here are the pictures that came out from the shoot. My thinking behind the styling was that the images should be arresting, make you stop and think that, in a way, today, it’s all about too many choices. I saw this shoot as a metaphor for the modern boho woman who is seeking (and can’t help but accept)  influences from so many sources and she is all of them at once,  standing out through her exaggerated eclecticism. She is the expression of a long history of bohemian lifestyle. So I went heavy on accessories and contrasts.



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Hold on tight

Anna Sui (Source: Collegefashion.net)

John Galliano (Source: Collegefashion.net)

Chanel (Source: Collegefashion.net)

Chloe (Source: Collegefashion.net)

Miss Sixty (Source: Collegefashion.net)

Every change in seasons brings in almost every normal female a strong desire for a wardrobe change. Of course, that comes with a price and a string of other impracticalities, which are too many to mention.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a fresh look without breaking the bank is to invest in items such as coloured and patterned tights. Especially as they are increasingly popular both on the street and the catwalks. Take your pick, there are lots of interesting designs and patterns out there.

If you want to sport the Prada retro car look, but can’t quite afford it:

Pamela Man Car Tights (www.mytights.com)

For a sweet 50′s retro look:

Pamela Mann (www.mytights.com)

For the animal in you:

Jonathan Aston (www.mytights.com)

For a cool retro you:

Jonathan Aston (www.tighstplease.com)

A tatoo that won’t stay forever:

Pamela Mann (www.tightsplease.com)

I tried it myself the other day and believe it or not everyone noticed my tights.



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Flower power

There’s no denying that bold flower prints are big this season. As much as I am a big fan of prints and colours, I would advise using them with care, unless you want to end up looking like you’ve just returned from ‘Club Tropicana’.

There’s nothing wrong with the summer pyjama look as long as it’s an attire you feel comfortable in, but I wouldn’t personally jump in to cover myself in flowers and leaves at the first signs of spring. What I do find irresistible however is to spend as little as possible on pretty flowery items to bring some spring and sunshine into my life. So I bought myself this pretty Oilily purse from TK Maxx (£8.00), a pencil skirt from H&M (£14.99), lots of scarfs (£4.00 each from Primark) and flowery socks also from Primark at £2.50 for five pairs (remember my post about Socks and Sandals? – I’m planning to practice what I preach…).

But if you’re ready to embrace the tropical flowers burst, I say do it in style! Either opt for a shift dress toned down by its classical cut or for a pencil skirt which you can team up with a solid coloured summer blouse. I think my favourites this year are from Oasis – they remind me a lot of Jonathan Saunders’ last year’s collection.

Oasis dress, £65

Oasis skirt, £20 (Sale price)

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