Clothes Swapping Party

I am very excited to tell you about the Clothes Swapping Party I hosted last Saturday. I ended up with a few lovely new items and shared some laughs and prosecco with great friends.

Hosting such a party is easy to do and inexpensive. Here is a list of reasons why having a Clothes Swapping event is such a fantastic idea:


1) You get new clothes for free

We’ve all done it, bought that skirt or that dress that looked amazing on the mannequin but not so amazing on us. It’s natural, we all have different body shapes, while mannequins - is safe to say – all look exactly the same. Knowing and loving your body shape will stop you from making future purchasing mistakes, but in the meantime, you can give those unsuitable (yet absolutely gorgeous!) items to some of your lovely friends who can wear them better.



2) You get rid of clothes you no longer wear, need, like etc.

I highly advise you to host a clothes swapping event particularly after you’ve had a wardrobe assessment / overhaul. So instead of fretting over when to take all those bags of clothes to the charity shop (I for one struggle, as I don’t have a car and the only charity shop situated at walking distance from my house is currently closed), just have some friends over and give them away. You’ll be left with a lot less bags of clothes to cull.



3) It’s a great occasion to bring friends together

We all do it, promise to get together an life gets in the way. So sometimes it’s best to add an extra incentive for bringing friends together and hanging out. We’ve spent the first hour or so catching up on the latest, nibbling and eating prosecco and them started rummaging through each other’s clothes. It was the best fun we’ve had in ages!


4) Because we like clothes!

I know it’s silly, but we’re girls and we like clothes. Scattered all over the living room, bags, shoes, hats, jewellery, anything you can think of. I managed to even fall back in love with some of my own clothes, which I guess it’s a good thing.



5) Because your clothes go to people you love :)

As much as I like clothes, I hate waste. So if I find myself in the situation of having too many similar items, as much as I love them, I’ll try to limit myself to the minimum and to give away the excess. It makes me happy knowing that clothes I really liked (like the black Diesel boots below!) go to someone I also really care about. It just makes me smile.


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The essential holiday wardrobe

I know we’re in the middle of the winter and we should probably be talking about scarfs and mittens, but this time of the year is also popular for sunny getaways. So perhaps talking about an essential holiday wardrobe is not too far fetched.

I’ve just come back from a 3 weeks holiday in Vietnam and travelled a bit up and down the country with a heavy backpack mainly full of toiletries and a fair amount of clothes. I am a practical person and I hate carrying around unnecessary things but I also think one can never be too chic even when travelling in hot exotic countries, so I packed for evey eventuality. However, experiencing a few such trips in my life, I realised that you only really need a few essential items regardless of how long you’re going away for, items which I will detail below. If you think you will need more than this, don’t forget that most countries these days offer laundry services so refreshing your travellinng wardrobe should not be a problem. Travelling light is practical and eco-friendly. Plus, it leaves that little bit of extra room in your luaggage for those amazing finds you’ll want to bring back home.

The oversized white shirt

Important because it will keep you cool when it’s hot, it will keep you warm if it’s chilly, it will protect you from mosquitoes and it will look good on you no matter what (especially against that sun kissed skin).



The denim shorts

I’d say go for boyfriend style of oversized, you won’t want to offend any local eyes by showing too much of your womanly bottom. Unless you’re in Brazil, which is fine!





The long skirt

Important for the same reasons as the oversized white shirt, for visiting temples and holy places and for making you look sexy and mysterious.






The oversized T-shirts

Make sure you pack a couple of plain grey or black ones and a few printed ones. Not more than 5 or 6. They go with the denim shorts and the long skirts.



The Havaianas

We all know why!



The flat sandals

They must be a) comfortable (think city visits), b) stylish (think dinners and nights out)




The earrings

Earrings are the essential holiday accessories. They don’t feel sweaty against your skin like necklaces and bangles, and they will flatter you whether your hair is up or down.




The hats

Festival style straw hats or fabric ones which you can fold and carry around. Any other kind will take up too much space and attention.




 The scarfs

As essential as your underwear. They will protect you against sun, wind, rain, too much attention. Perfect for covering shoulders during temple visits and for looking stylish and put together!



And other than suncream and mineral powder don’t think you’ll need anything else. Harem pants and jumpsuits are ok too, but only as extras. You’ll be able to mix and match at large with the items above, still looking like the girls from Sex and The City. Ok, maybe not quite like them! But close enough!…


All images via Pinterest.



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Burberry Prorsum
Source: Fashion Allure

Socks with sandals are my new fashion obsession. We’ve all been told pastels, metalics, pointed shoes and heat to toe prints are taking the limelight this spring, but I think it’s the socks’ turn to become every fashion savvy girl’s best friend.

Overlooked for seasons and practiced only by the true fashionistas (think Eleonora Carisi and Chloe Sevigny). socks sported with sandals are gaining increased public acceptance, despite their former reputation of fashion faux-pas. Catwalk stars as well as street chic garments, the socks and sandals trend is taking the world by storm. Either worn in a monochrome ensemble (as seen on Burberry show) or in a contrasting colour combination, they are practical as well as chic.

Try it yourself, go bold, go patterned, go neon, go sequined, go preppy and go lacy -  I say sock’n'roll ladies!


Source: The Sartorialist


Source: Fashion Assist blog



Source: MSN Fashion


Source: Trendencias


Source: Simply studded


Source: LaLa blog


Source: New York Post



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My new shoe fetish – Camilla Skovgaard

I am experiencing a scary fascination towards the fierce almost alien-like heels of Camilla Skovgaard, the Danish designer everyone talks about. She’s been awarded the Accesory Designer of the Year Award at the Danish Fashion Awards this year and for all the right reasons.

 There is something incredibly organic about these shoes, they look as if they are about to walk by themselves. Her signature sole reminds me of tanks and weaponery, I can’t help thinking of Ellen Ripley from the Alien films.  Sigourney Weaver could definitely rock these heels!

They are the kind of shoes that demand respect or else and yet incredibly feminine. Amazing creativity and craftmanship!

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